Hi. I'm Marc, a UX/UI designer.

Driven by curiosity and motivated to make a difference. I help people solve problems by focusing on content, context, and communication.

case studies

Freight finder map showing a selected freight center

Freight Finder

UX Design • UI Design • Implementation

Prioritizing project discovery and data sharing.

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Transportation Alternatives landing page prototype

Transportation Alternatives

UX Design • User Research • UX Writing

Helping users find information and get involved.

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Formbricks case study preview


Design System • UX Design • Documentation

Promoting clarity, simplicity and inclusivity with a design system.

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Bandit New Tour itinerary page


UX Design • User Research • Product Design

Simplifying itinerary creation by focusing on writing and data entry.

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Hi, my name is Marc Molta

Drawing from a diverse background in cognitive science, development, and design, I apply a data driven, user-centered approach to my work. I am passionate about understanding the people behind an interface - why are they using it, what value does it bring to them, what does success mean in their context? - and designing elegant solutions to answer these questions. My goal is to always create inclusive, beautiful, well organized experiences. I achieve this by connecting with users and staying up to date with best practices in verbal and visual communication. I am motivated by the dynamic landscape of users, their context, and the products they rely on. I am currently working as a UX engineering consultant with clients in healthcare, gaming, and sustainability. I am always open to discovering new problem spaces and taking on new challenges. I love working on end-to-end solutions and bringing projects to life. Outside of work I am an avid reader, gardener, outdoors enthusiast, cook/hungry guy, and a fan of basketball and soccer.

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