Hi, I'm Marc, a UX Designer based in New York City.

By focusing on content, context, and communication, I help people bring their visions to life.

case studies

Transportation Alternatives landing page prototype

Transportation Alternatives

Fostering community engagement and capturing user interest.

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Freight infrastructure map showing a selected freight center

Freight Infrastructure

Prioritizing project discovery and data sharing.

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Formbricks case study preview


Promoting clarity, simplicity and inclusivity with a design system

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Bandit New Tour itinerary page


Establishing writing guidelines and simplifying data entry.

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side projects

Resource highlighting successful and planned efforts to remove urban highways

Highway Reclamation

First slide of the From Ages Nouveau project

From Ages Nouveau

describes the NYC Green Spaces project that maps public greenery in NYC

NYC Green Spaces


Hi, my name is Marc Molta

Drawing from a diverse background in development and design, I apply a data driven, content conscious approach to creating digital experiences. I am passionate about understanding the people behind an interface - why are they using it, what value does it bring to them, what does success mean in their context? - and designing solutions that elegantly answer these questions. I believe language is the strongest tool in a designers arsenal. It opens the door for intuitive, exciting, and helpful experiences. It evolves over time, reflecting a dynamic relationship between users, their context, and the products they rely on. Finding the right language is a never ending puzzle that requires a deep understanding of the project space, and empathy with the people in it. My goal is to always design inclusive, concise, well organized content and I am highly motivated by the challenges and connections needed to do it. I am currently working as a freelance consultant after finishing a Master's in Information Experience Design at Pratt Institute in December 2023. I have a proven track record of helping clients ideate, design, and implement their products. I love working through problems and bringing projects to life through collaborative iteration. Outside of work I am an avid reader, gardener, outdoors enthusiast, cook/hungry guy, and a fan of basketball and soccer.

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